16 August 2012

AIC opens office in Singapore

16 August 2012 - AIC today continued its expansion into the Far East with the opening of an office in Singapore on 14 August 2012. It will enable the company to deal with the growing demand in support services for autoclaves and other composite process equipment in China, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. 

The office has a dedicated, 24/7 engineering capability and a small sales force. The team will particularly target the composites industry, as the market in Asia is expected to contribute over half of worldwide composite production by 2015, with a current estimated value of almost $25 billion. 

Tony Toll, CEO of AIC, said: ““The Far East is continuing to see powerful growth and the requirement for autoclaves and other composite process equipment, fuelled by the aerospace composites industry and its supply chains. This provides a great opportunity for AIC to develop this market and represents a significant milestone in growth of the AIC Group.” 

Source: AIC