21 August 2012

BELECTRIC inaugurates solar power plant in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, France

Valderoure/Kolitzheim – 21 August 2012 – In the commune of Valderoure, the French subsidiary of the global market leader in photovoltaic system integration, BELECTRIC, officially inaugurated the region's first ground-mounted solar power plant. In the presence of the mayor and several regional politicians, BELECTRIC employees – who were involved in the design and implementation of the power plant – gave the guests a guided tour of the solar power plant as well as information about the performance of the plant and general information on BELECTRIC as a company. 

The solar power plant with an installed output of 1.86 MWp was erected on an area covering 5.5 ha and is a prime example of the Franco-German cooperation. The 24,000 First Solar modules installed generate an annual power production of approximately 2.8 million kWh, which corresponds to the average annual power consumption of around 600 households, saving the environment almost 2,500 tons of CO₂ per year.

The integration of the solar power plant in the landscape was given top priority. A standing committee with representatives from all the responsible environmental agencies accompanied the project in every construction phase. The open and honest cooperation proved successful in particular during the preparation of the site, which is a sensitive phase in terms of flora and fauna. The positive cooperation will also be an advantage in terms of the educational nature trail that is still to be constructed. 

Jochen Meyer, Managing Director of BELECTRIC France, summarized his enthusiasm in one sentence: "This project is an excellent example of the positive cooperation between BELECTRIC's excellent technical, personal, and financial competences and the pronounced desire of the local representatives of the commune to set up an environmentally friendly and sustainable power supply in this region."

BELECTRIC is the global market leader (2010 & 2011) in the development and construction of ground-mounted solar power plants and roof-mounted photovoltaic systems. BELECTRIC's position as market leader is due to the high degree of vertical integration in the development and manufacturing processes. The company employs over 2,000 people across the globe in areas such as research, plant construction and maintenance. The majority of BoS components – such as cabling and energy distribution systems, inverter technology, control systems and substructures – are manufactured in house. This unique selling point means that BELECTRIC is able to adapt the individual components perfectly to their application, reducing the costs per kWh generated (LCOE) over the long term and ensuring the provision of reliable and efficient plant technology. Alongside solar power generation, BELECTRIC Drive® concentrates on the combination of photovoltaics and e-mobility.