21 August 2012

Berlin-based Trademob to open U.S. headquarters in New York

New York – 21 August 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - Trademob, Europe's leading data-driven mobile app marketing platform, announced today its expansion to the United States. The company has plans for a full-time team of five to 10 employees in New York City over the coming months. Trademob already has a strong European presence, with operations in Berlin, London, Paris and Madrid. With the move, Trademob is also announcing the release of smartBoost, the first data analysis software program that pushes apps to their optimal profit-maximizing position in the Apple App Store. 

Through partnerships with the top mobile ad networks, including Admob (now Google Adwords), Millenial Media, Adfonic, and InMobi, Trademob instantly optimizes advertising campaigns, helping app marketers increase user retention, in-app engagement and even App Store ranking. Integrating the Trademob software development kit (SDK) allows mobile developers and advertisers instant access to more than 100 mobile advertising networks and recommendation apps. 

Coinciding with the New York launch, Trademob is introducing smartBoost, a revolutionary software program that analyzes sophisticated cross-network fingerprint tracking data to calculate an app's optimal position within the iOS App Store. Unlike other boost campaigns, which only attempt to push the app to the top of the App Store, smartBoost takes into account thousands of data points, placing the app in the best position to maximize profit and downloads. 

"smartBoost was created as a solution to the problem that other burst campaigns do not address – how to achieve a high App Store rank and best possible ROI while on a budget," said Ravi Kamran, founder and CEO of Trademob. "The technology finds an app's revenue-maximizing position, ensuring visibility and boosting active user base and profits at the lowest possible cost." 

Trademob counts eBay Classifieds, Universal Music and Wooga as clients. The addition of a New York office will give mobile advertisers in the US better access to Trademob's technology. Trademob also plans to open a San Francisco office within three months. 

"The opening of our U.S. headquarters in New York is far more than symbolic," Kamran said. "This expansion will allow us to be more competitive in terms of attracting great talent and introducing our offering to app advertisers." 

Trademob has more than 50 employees, with plans to increase its headcount to between 80 and 100 over the next year. 

Berlin-based Trademob is a tech startup led by math geeks. Founded in August 2010, Trademob offers its clients an easy and efficient opportunity to promote their mobile apps globally while optimizing mobile marketing goals and budgets. 

Source: Trademob