22 August 2012

Destination Imagination opening new office in Singapore

Cherry Hill, N.J. - 22 August 2012 (PRNewswire) - Destination Imagination, the largest program in the world that develops creativity and critical thinking skills that help students do better in school, is opening an office in Singapore to better serve its global markets. 

DI Alumna Emily Panasowich, 26, who is multi-lingual, has been named Director of Asian Operations, and will manage the new Singapore office. 

As a result of explosive growth worldwide, the new Destination Imagination office will support and expand this unique educational program throughout Asia, the Middle East, Pacific Islands and Australia. 

China, Korea, Singapore, Japan and India are already using the program to support existing curriculum by teaching participants skills that give them a competitive edge in the future workforce and in life. 

"In today's world, educators and educational institutions are under increasing pressure to increase test scores with ever decreasing resources. We are excited to bring an affordable solution to schools, teachers and parents that blends the flipped classroom model with inquiry-guided group learning," said Chuck Cadle, CEO of Destination Imagination Inc., a non-profit with world headquarters in Cherry Hill, NJ. 

"With Destination Imagination, students have an opportunity to work on projects out of school and to engage the teacher during school for further understanding. We have what's missing in education today," said Cadle. "Destination Imagination's goal-directed, inquiry-guided learning programs have a positive impact on every child that participates in the program. We know, because we have 1.5 million alumni to prove it." 

The Destination Imagination experience enhances existing academic programs and provides opportunities for students to learn valuable skills for success in the 21st century global market. Asia is one of the fastest growing markets for Destination Imagination, and has the largest participation in the program outside the U.S. and Canada. 

"Moving halfway around the world and setting up a regional office to support a geographically large and culturally diverse market could be challenging for someone else my age," said Emily. "The skills I learned in Destination Imagination are the very skills that helped me land this position and will ensure my success." 

Destination Imagination's goal is to be the global leader in teaching the creative process from imagination to innovation. 

Source: Destination Imagination (PRNewswire)