25 August 2012

French luxury shoe retailer Corthay opens its first store in Hong Kong

25 August 2012 - Leading French shoe brand, Corthay, opened its first store in Hong Kong today to target the city’s fast-growing men’s luxury shoe market as part of its expansion in Asia. 

The new Corthay Hong Kong shop is the brand’s fourth in the world and second in Asia. It is situated in The Landmark and joins several key luxury brands also located in the high-end shopping mall. The Chief Executive Officer of Corthay, Mr Xavier de Royere, said he was excited to bring to Hong Kong customers a new range of colourful and exquisite shoes, handmade in Paris by first-class craftsmen. 

All our shoes are made in France with unique craftsmanship that has earned us the French Government’s title of Maitre d’Art, or master of art. We provide our customers with a new way to appreciate artisan works, high standard materials, made-to-measure shoes and a blend of colours from a wide variety of patinas,” Mr de Royere said. 

Hong Kong is an international city and a leading fashion hub in Asia. Customers here are sophisticated and demand exceptional quality in products. It is the best place for us to understand the Asian market as well as its customers before we expand into other parts of the region,” he added. 

The Hong Kong store is mainly responsible for local retail management. But in the near future, the company will establish a regional headquarters in Hong Kong to co-ordinate the brand’s development in Asia. 

Associate Director-General of Investment Promotion, Mr Andrew Davis, welcomed Corthay’s opening in Hong Kong. “Hong Kong is a world-famous destination for visitors from around the world who care about quality and have money to spend on it. It is the perfect location for overseas retailers, like Corthay, to showcase their brands before expansion into the rest of the region,” he said. 

Corthay started as a bespoke footwear line in 1990 and moved into ready-to-wear shoes in 2001. In 2008, the founder, Pierre Corthay, was awarded the lifetime title of Maitre d’Art, or master of art by the French government, to recognise his craftsmanship. In 2010, Corthay and a few other investors including Mr Xavier de Royere, jointly founded MAGE in France, which holds the brand. Corthay’s design signatures include the use of colour, with coloured piping and linings among leitmotifs, as well as a demi-square-shaped toe. 

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Source: Invest Hong Kong