14 August 2012

M&H Plastics to invest $ 6.2 million, create 20 new jobs in Frederick County, Virginia

Winchester ‐ 14 August 2012 - The Winchester‐Frederick County Economic Development Commission (EDC) is pleased to announce that M&H Plastics, a premier supplier and manufacturer of plastic packaging for the personal care and health care markets, is expanding in Frederick County, Virginia. M&H Plastics will invest $6.2 million, create 20 new jobs, and expand its facility 50,000 square feet, as it expands its extrusion blowmolding, injection stretch blowmolding, and high‐speed decorating capabilities. M&H will also utilize 18 temporary positions, leading to an overall workforce increase of 76%. The expanded 110,000‐square‐foot facility and equipment upgrades will create a 100% increase in production capability, allowing M&H to maintain its exceptional production quality and service for its expanding customer‐base. 

M&H Plastics is headquartered in Beccles, England, where it also maintains manufacturing operations. The Frederick County facility is the company’s first U.S. manufacturing location and has operated in the community since 2005. This is the second expansion of M&H Plastics since their location, including a $2 million expansion in 2009. 

“M&H Plastics is an integral piece of an established cluster of plastics manufacturers in Frederick County. They are technologically‐savvy and offer our citizens excellent career opportunities. We are excited that they have chosen to once again expand in our community,” commented Patrick Barker, Executive Director of the EDC. 

“We are delighted with M&H Plastics’ decision to further invest in Frederick County. Our community is fortunate to have a core of existing businesses that continue to expand and move Frederick County forward. We look forward to embracing our relationship with M&H Plastics as they further their success,” commented Richard Shickle, Chairman of the Frederick County Board of Supervisors. 

“The Frederick County community is a great fit for M&H Plastics because of its skilled and committed workforce. In addition, the area’s location affords M&H the logistical infrastructure needed to quickly and efficiently access our expanding customer‐base and suppliers in the United States market. We’ve enjoyed a prosperous relationship with Frederick County and look forward to continuing our commitment to the community,” commented Kurt Nyberg, CEO of M&H Plastics. 

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Source: The Winchester‐Frederick County Economic Development Commission (EDC)