23 August 2012

Montreal-based Sid Lee opens New York City atelier

23 August 2012 - After 20 years of crafting innovative consumer experiences for top-tier brands, global multidisciplinary creative shop Sid Lee announces the opening of a NYC atelier. Supported by 600 team members invested in the US success, the shop will be led by Will Travis, new senior partner and USA President – formerly CEO of Dentsu America and President of ATTIK, Lukas Derksen, vice-president and partner and by Philippe Meunier, cofounder and chief creative officer. From its new 8,000 square foot west side atelier, the launch team of 15 will develop holistic brand platforms by breaking barriers between disciplines. Sid Lee will offer its unique blend of disciplines (digital, advertising, social media, branded content, architecture and retail design, etc.).

“The unique leadership style and beliefs of Will Travis, a creative entrepreneur and explorer, is perfect for this special undertaking in breaking new ground in the agency world. We have been great fans of ATTIK for more than a decade”, declared JF Bouchard, President of Sid Lee. “Investor and partner Cirque du Soleil is fully supporting the US expansion and launch team selection. Sid Lee and Cirque are already exploring unique and exciting pastures together that will be announced later in the year”, he added.

“Fueled by the demand of US marketers for the local service of Sid Lee’s unique multidisciplinary creative method, we believe that our commercial creativity model is suited for the NYC market”, said Will Travis. “Sid Lee is ready for New York as we have perfected the art of crafting innovative consumer experiences that drives value for top-tier clients in Amsterdam, Montreal, Paris and Toronto”, he added. 

Sid Lee works globally for top-tier clients from our Montreal, Amsterdam, Paris and Toronto ateliers. 

Source: Sid Lee