24 August 2012

Nestlé to invest CHF 54 million and create 150 new jobs in Hungary

24 August 2012 - Nestlé is strengthening its production capacity in Europe, investing more than CHF 54 million (13 billion Hungarian Forint) to extend its Purina pet food factory in Hungary. The extension to the factory in the town of Bük will create about 150 new jobs by the end of 2012

Nestlé’s latest investment in the factory is part of its long-term commitment to developing its European operations. Earlier this year the company invested over CHF 265 million in a new Nescafé Dolce Gusto factory in Germany, while in Switzerland it invested CHF 300 million in a new Nespresso factory, creating 400 direct jobs. 

The new factory extension will be equipped with four new production lines to double its manufacturing capacity of Nestlé Purina pouch pet food brands such as Felix and Friskies. It also produces dry and canned Purina pet food such as Darling, Felix, Friskies and Dog Chow to meet the growing demand for the company’s pet care brands in Central and Eastern Europe. 

The new factory extension aims to be operational by March 2013. It follows a CHF 45 million in a factory extension in 2011 to open four new production lines and increase the number of employees to 600 people. 

“We aim to increase the Hungarian labour force, even during challenging economic times,” said Laurent Freixe, Nestlé’s Executive Vice President and Zone Director for Europe. “It demonstrates our long-term commitment to the country and our business operations in Europe,” he added. 

Nestlé began manufacturing products such as Maggi in Hungary in 1974. Today it operates four factories and employs over 1,750 people. The company bought the Bük pet food factory in 1998 to produce Purina pet food products. 

In Hungary, Nestlé uses chocolate from the United Kingdom to make its After Eight and Kit Kathollow chocolate products at its site in Diósgyor. Nestlé coffee and powdered beverages including Nescafé and Nesquik are produced in Szerencs for export to other European markets. Nestlé Aquarel and Theodora bottled mineral and spring water brands are manufactured in the village of Kékkút. 

Source: Nestlé