24 August 2012

Nomura Research Institute to establish subsidiaries in South Korea and Taiwan

Tokyo – 24 August 2012 - Nomura Research Institute Ltd. (NRI), a leading provider of consulting services and system solutions, today announced its plan to transfer three overseas branches, Seoul, Taipei and Manila, to NRI Asia Pacific (NRI APAC, headquartered in Singapore) upon making Seoul and Taipei its locally incorporated subsidiaries. NRI APAC's capital will be increased to reinforce its core function in the Asian region. 

NRI APAC establishes subsidiaries in Seoul and Taipei, and a branch in Manila to undertake the business of all NRI's branches in the region. This should make NRI APAC the core company in the region with nine operational bases run by the company. It is already operating five bases: NRI APAC(Singapore), NRI Hong Kong, NRI India (Gurugaon), NRI FT India(Kolkata), and the NRI APAC Jakarta Office, and is planning to establish four bases: NRI Thailand(Bangkok) (announced on 27 July2012), NRI Seoul, NRI Taipei, NRI Manila Branch Office under its umbrella. Simultaneously, a 600 million Yen capital injection to NRI APAC will be made by NRI to increase its paid-up capital to 2.1 billion Yen. 

NRI puts an emphasis on expansion of overseas business by declaring that "reinforcing and expanding business operation in China·Asian markets" is one of its business strategies in the long-term management plan "Vision 2015". "NRI APAC will pursue efficiency and speed in its operations in the Asian region as well as further business expansion there as the core functional base in the Asian region." Mr. Shingo Konomoto, Corporate Senior Vice President / Consulting Div., said. 

NRI originated from Nomura Securities' research section and IT section. NRI is the result of a merger that took place in 1988 between the former Nomura Research Institute, which was established in 1965 as the first private sector Think Tank in Japan, and Nomura Computer Center (NCC) which engaged in introduction of Japan's first private use computer system in 1966. Since then, NRI has been providing consulting services on corporate strategy and business policy, as well as development, operation and joint utilization of IT systems. 

Particularly in its consulting business, NRI is one of the largest Japanese consulting firms, with more than 600 professional consultants deployed in Japan and abroad. NRI has clients among almost 70% of the companies that have been in the top 100 (in terms of total capitalization) during the past half decade in the Tokyo Stock Exchange. 

NRI is actively expanding its business in Asian and emerging countries and offers advice on policy matters to governments and international organizations. In addition, it helps with local business strategy and sales planning, supporting organization/personnel management, and supporting the execution of alliance/acquisition strategies of private business entities in major Asian cities including Shanghai, Beijing, Dalian, Hong Kong, Taipei, Seoul, Singapore, Manila, Delhi, Kolkata and Moscow

Source: Nomura Research Institute