14 August 2012

Porous Power opens new office in Shanghai, China

Shanghai – 14 August 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) - U.S.-based Porous Power Technologies, LLC (PPT), in partnership with Ahlstrom Corporation, a global high-performance materials company, announces the opening of a new office in Shanghai, China. This office will enable PPT to provide improved on-site support to Asian battery manufacturers who are integrating SYMMETRIX® battery separators into their battery programs. 

Battery separators, which keep the positive and negative electrodes (anode and cathode) from touching each other and short-circuiting, are vitally important in the performance and safety of all lithium ion batteries. PPT is developing a new generation of separator solutions for safer batteries and capacitors in electric-drive vehicles, e-bikes, portable electronics and utility-grade storage products. 

Dr. Shawn Zhao will lead PPT’s work in Shanghai. Dr. Zhao earned his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has served the battery industry for 18 years. An expert in battery design, materials, polymers, manufacturing, testing and packaging, he is available as a resource to help Asian battery manufacturers build and test new designs incorporating SYMMETRIX separators. 

PPT’s Shanghai office will provide technical customer service functions, including order support, in-factory product integration and logistical assistance to battery companies throughout Asia. The new office will also facilitate PPT’s development of new SYMMETRIX products to meet emerging needs in China and the broader Asian region. 

Porous Power Technologies, LLC makes electrode separators that reduce the cost and improve the safety, performance, efficiency and life of lithium-ion batteries, particularly large-format cells for electric vehicles, stationary power and consumer electronics applications. 

Source: Porous Power Technologies, LLC