16 August 2012

SPAR Group Completes Acquisition of Romanian Marketing Company

Tarrytown, NY – 16 August 2012 - SPAR Group, Inc., a diversified international merchandising and marketing services company that provides a broad array of services worldwide to help companies improve their sales, today announced the signing of a joint venture agreement to expand its operations in Romania. SPAR Group will control a 51% ownership interest in the company, SPAR Business Ideas Provider SRL, also known as SPAR BIP. SPAR BIP will specialize in the area of in-store merchandising. 

"Management is extremely pleased with our most recent endeavor within the Romanian market, and we fully expect this addition to provide accretive earnings to our international business," stated Gary Raymond, Chief Executive Officer of SPAR Group. "The New Venture has numerous marquee clients such as Coca-Cola, Kraft Foods, and Nestlé. Management intends to leverage SPAR BIP's longstanding strategic relationships in order to expand our global footprint, increase market share and elevate our status as a leader within the merchandising and marketing services industry. We expect this new agreement to contribute approximately $4 million in revenue on an annual basis. Going forward, we will continue to evaluate similar opportunities and acquire similar profitable companies throughout 2012." 

Established in 2004, Business Ideas Provider SRL maintains contracts with Fortune 500 companies such as The Coca-Cola Company (KO), Kraft Foods Inc. (KFT), Nestlé S.A. (NSRGY), JTI, and Metro and has become the largest provider of in-store merchandising services in Romania since 2010. "What differentiates us from our competition is that we always try to innovate and develop more value added products for our clients. Our partnership with SPAR will bring added worldwide marketing and merchandising expertise and vision. We look forward to applying that vision and experience to our field teams to provide a superior product to our customers," said Eugen Saulea, Managing Director and Partner of SPAR BIP. 

SPAR Group, Inc. is a diversified international merchandising and marketing services Company and provides a broad array of services worldwide to help companies improve their sales, operating efficiency and profits at retail locations. The Company operates throughout the United States and internationally in 10 of the most populated countries, including China and India. 

Source: SPAR Group, Inc.