16 August 2012

Webgistix Opens Distribution Centers in Bedford, UK and Zurich, Switzerland

Las Vegas – 16 August 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) - Webgistix Corporation, the global leader in eCommerce order fulfillment, today announced the opening of distribution centers in Bedford, United Kingdom and Zurich, Switzerland, providing eCommerce retailers with a platform for making fast, cost-effective deliveries to consumers within the UK and across the European Union (EU) – the world’s second-largest eCommerce market. 

We’re giving mid-size retailers the same logistics power as large retailers through our global eCommerce network,” said Joseph DiSorbo, CEO of Webgistix. “Our new capabilities in the UK and Switzerland, combined with our existing U.S. network, make it easy and affordable for any retailer anywhere in the world to reach consumers in the two largest eCommerce markets.” 

Retailers located in the U.S. and other countries can save up to 50% on shipping costs and shorten delivery times by 5-7 days when they ship orders to EU consumers from Webgistix’s new fulfillment centers. This gives eCommerce merchants a trusted alternative to Amazon (Nasdaq: AMZN) as well as a valuable opportunity to improve customer satisfaction and earn repeat business from shoppers. 

“Not only are we helping mid-size retailers close a competitive gap with larger players, we’re giving retailers a solution that requires no capital investment and no fixed costs,” said DiSorbo. “Our rapidly expanding clientele makes it clear that a global eCommerce order-delivery platform is a very compelling proposition.” 

Founded in 2001, Webgistix is a global leader in eCommerce order fulfillment, operating an international network of fulfillment centers that serve hundreds of established eCommerce retailers. Webgistix SmartFill, which is a cloud-based fulfillment platform that works with all major shopping carts and is optimized for mobile commerce, enables eCommerce retailers to outsource their order fulfillment to Webgistix, eliminating fixed overhead and increasing the speed and accuracy of global order fulfillment. 

Source: Webgistix