14 September 2012

Artek opens its new European headquarters in Berlin, Germany

14 September 2012 - Artek Deutschland GmbH has found a new home in the German capital of Berlin. Nestled in the heart of Europe, the impressive Mondial Home sends a clear signal that Artek is headed in the direction of the broader European market. Mirkku Kullberg, the CEO of Artek, comments: “Artek is ready for international expansion, viewing the brand from a wider perspective and communicating with a new generation. The cultural, intellectual ambiance is inspiring, and Artek feels at home with the talents of the architectural, art and design scene. Berlin is a great city, and there is a genuine dialogue with our northern free spirit. For us it is an inspiring metropolis for Europe.” 

Spanning across an impressive penthouse on the 10th and 11th floors of Potsdamer Strasse 85C, Artek’s new headquarters reside in the building previously home to Der Tagesspiegel, an architectural landmark in Berlin perfectly meeting all the criteria that Artek has for a cosmopolitan location. Artek is positioned to create the right kind of Artek community in the Mondial Home. Recruiting Reiner Heublein as the new Sales Director of Artek Deutschland GmbH also falls in line with this train of thought of the visionary Finnish company having an expanded presence in Europe. “Now is the right time for Artek to come to Berlin. At the same time that Artek understands the value of great classic collections from Aalto and Tapiovaara, the company invests in young, contemporary designers for fresh looks and designs. Anyone in search of an individual, nonconformist solution for private or public spaces can feel right at home with Artek’s collections,” says Heublein. 

The opening of the Mondial Home in Berlin in the context of the abc art berlin contemporary (running from September 13th to 16th, 2012) is an inspiring approach, and at the same time a logical action as the synthesis of art and culture lies deeply in the roots of the company. 

Artek is headquartered in Finland and is owned by the privately held investment company Proventus AB, based in Sweden. Artek has three stores in Finland; one in Helsinki, one store in Espoo and in Turku. 

Source: Artek