13 September 2012

Austrian body shaping solution company HYPOXI® expands in Hong Kong

13 September 2012 - Austrian body shaping solution company, HYPOXI®, recently opened its second studio in Hong Kong, using the city as a platform from which to further extend its brand across Asia and Mainland China. 

The new studio is located conveniently in downtown Jordan, Kowloon. The expansion came after two years of successful operation of HYPOXI®’s Central studio, amid a growing beauty & health industry in Hong Kong supported by health-conscious locals and visitors who are willing to pay for a trusted brand. 

Managing Director at HYPOXI® HK, Daniel Ridders expands its business in Hong Kong following the success of the first studio in the city, which is also HYPOXI®’s first flagship studio in the Southeast Asia region. 

The Managing Director at HYPOXI® HK, Mr Daniel Ridders, said, “Hong Kong is an international city and there’s keen demand for high quality of life and health. That’s why we introduced this high-tech and scientifically proven body shaping system to Hong Kong as the first city in Asia and the base from which to develop our brand in the region. 

“With Hong Kong’s proximity to the China market and the rest of Asia, we decided to expand following the success of our first studio in Hong Kong, which is also HYPOXI®’s first flagship studio in the Southeast Asia region. We will use Hong Kong as the cornerstone in our expansion plans in China and southeast Asia,” he added. 

HYPOXI® asserts that it has earned satisfaction from celebrity customers including Madonna, Robbie Williams and Cheryl Cole. Its scientific system that stimulates blood circulation to problem areas during the process of moderate exercise claims to eliminate fat and cellulite for targeted body shaping. 

The Associate Director-General of Investment Promotion, Mr Andrew Davis, welcomed HYPOXI®’s expansion in Hong Kong and said, “Hong Kong’s fast-paced lifestyle raises concerns about health and lifestyle. The local image and health-conscious population, plus 42 million-plus visitors each year, make the city an excellent place for overseas beauty and wellbeing companies, like HYPOXI®, to showcase their unique technology and build up their brand awareness in Asia.” 

Established in Austria in 1998, HYPOXI® is a revolutionary therapy for targeted treatment body shaping. There are 2,000 HYPOXI® studios at over 40 countries worldwide including Harrods in London. The first HYPOXI® flagship studio in the Southeast Asia region was opened in Hong Kong’s Central district in July 2010, and there are now studios in Indonesia, Malaysia, India and South Korea (October 2012). 

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Source: InvestHK