29 September 2012

City Reputation Rankings: Vancouver, Vienna, Sydney and Copenhagen top the list

-Vancouver beat Vienna and Sydney in a close competition for the top spot 

London, England – 27 September 2012 – Vancouver has been named the city with the world’s best reputation. The result is from Reputation Institute’s 2012 City RepTrak™. The yearly study ranks the world’s 100 most reputable cities by polling more than 18,000 people from the G8 countries. 

Vancouver now joins its home, Canada, in the winner’s circle. Canada was named the world’s most reputable country in the 2012 Country RepTrak™ ranking released just three weeks ago. RepTrak™ destination studies dive deep into the emotional bond between stakeholders and destinations by quantifying the degree to which people Trust, Admire, Respect and have an Affinity for a city or country. 

Underlining a destination’s RepTrak™ score are three dimensions that influence the perceptions of a destination.These dimensions: Advanced Economy, Appealing Environment and Effective Administration, are what drive a destination’s reputation and stakeholder support. In the City RepTrak™ study, these three dimensions are further defined by 13 reputation attributes that participants in the study are asked to evaluate. These include the destinations’ perceived: beauty; safety; cultural offerings; infrastructure; business environment; schools and more. 

We have found that a person’s perceived reputation of a city is a key factor when deciding where to visit, or in terms of business, to invest. Our modeling demonstrates that effective management of these reputation drivers translates directly into increased tourism receipts, investment, and stakeholder support,” says Nicolas Georges Trad, Executive Partner of Reputation Institute. 

Vancouver and Sydney were the only cities to finish in the top 10 in all three of the aforementioned, reputation dimensions. Vancouver scored highest in administration and was recommended by poll participants as also the best place to live and work. 

When tallying a reputation score, the 13 reputation attributes are weighted in order of importance in determining a city’s overall reputation. The most important reputation attributes were found to be: beautiful city; safe environment; wide range of appealing experiences, including food, sport, architecture, and entertainment; well-respected leaders and progressive social, economic, and environmental policies. 

It is no wonder then that small to medium sized, safe, environmentally friendly and sporty cities like Vancouver, Vienna, Sydney and Copenhagen top the list while the mega cities that never sleep, such as Hong Kong, London, New York and Tokyo are lower down in ranking. 

Source: Reputation Institute