05 September 2012

Clean eMarine Americas to establish Marine Electric Propulsion Systems production facility in Florida

Annapolis, Maryland – 05 September 2012 - Clean eMarine Americas, based in Annapolis, MD, has signed an agreement with Clean eMarine, the Danish manufacturer of Thoosa and Triton marine electric propulsion systems, to begin production and assembly of its Thoosa and Triton systems in St. Petersburg, Florida by the end of this year. 

With the increased interest and market for “green” marine technology, Lars Dybro Frederiksen, CEO of Clean eMarine based in Copenhagen, and Sally Reuther, CEO of Clean eMarine Americas (CeMA), concluded that the best solution to the rising costs of shipping completed systems from Denmark was to establish a production facility in the US

“We have been proud to offer these high quality, Danish-designed systems to boat owners in the U.S. since 2010,” says Reuther, “but now we are able to do so more competitively by producing them in St. Petersburg, FL and distributing them through our regional distributor/dealer network throughout North America.” 

Charlie Johnson, PE, CeMA partner and owner of JTB Marine Corporation, which specializes in marine electrical systems, will head the St. Petersburg production facility. The facility will be on line to produce, assemble and test the highly efficient electric propulsion systems to meet the demand for Thoosa systems sold at the Fall 2012 Boat Shows. 

In addition to reducing costs, CeMA expects to cut the lead-time for delivery of a Thoosa system by 50% when compared to lead times for imported systems. Plans also include production of the newer, more powerful Triton systems at the St. Petersburg facility. 

In February 2012, Annapolis Hybrid Marine owners Sally Reuther and her husband, David DiQuinzio, PE, formed Clean eMarine Americas with partners Charlie Johnson, of JTB Marine Corporation, St. Petersburg, FL and Ken Harrington, owner of H&C Marine in Maui, HI. This formation consolidated North American distribution of the Thoosa and Triton marine electric propulsion systems and laid the groundwork for US production of Clean eMarine products. 

Annapolis Hybrid Marine, based in Annapolis, MD, will continue as a distributor/dealer for Clean eMarine Americas serving eastern North America, which encompasses Eastern Canada and the Caribbean as well as the eastern portion of the U.S. H&C Marine, based in Maui, Hawaii, will serve as distributor/dealer for western North America along with the western section of Canada. Eventually distribution will be expanded to include Central and South America. As CeMA grows, a network of regional dealers will be developed in major marine locations. 

Clean eMarine: Formerly known as ASMO Marine, the Danish company has been producing electric propulsion systems for the pleasure boat market since 1998. In recent years, Clean eMarine has focused on designing and producing custom propulsion solutions for large tour boats and ferries. The growth and success of these installations have brought Clean eMarine to the forefront of the fast-growing market for green, energy efficient solutions in the marine environment. 

Source: Clean eMarine Americas