06 September 2012

Country Reputation 2012: Canada, Australia, Sweden and Switzerland Top Rankings

London, September 6, 2012 - Canada has been chosen as the country with the best reputation in the world. The results are from Reputation Institute’s 2012 Country RepTrak™ that ranks the world’s most reputable countries and determines what drives people to support one country more than another. Reputation Institute conducts the yearly Country RepTrak™study by polling an online panel of 36,000 people representing the G8 countries. 

The study evaluates 50 countries based on people’s Trust, Admiration, Respect, and Affinity for them. The four reputation elements are then further broken down into 16 related attributes that include: quality of life; business environment; products and services;and even the country’s physical beauty. The key indicators are used to identify the country with the best reputation. 

Canada’s victory marks the second year in a row that the country has been named the country with the world’s best reputation. Canada’s triumph can be attributed to its robust scoring in all facets of the study. 

“Beyond maintaining its top position, Canada has also improved its score by more than three points. Normally we don’t see such a large increase in a score from a top 10 country but Canada now stands head and shoulders above the other leading countries, says Nicolas Georges Trad, Executive Partner, Reputation Institute. The study shows that Canada has demonstrated the ability to improve in the eyes of the world and exhibit global leadership in three key criteria, an effective government, an advanced economy and an appealing environment.” 

Canada is followed by Australia, Switzerland, Sweden, and the other Nordic countries, all known for their stability, solid democracies, high GDP and strong social infrastructures. Economic powers like China and the USA are placed fairly low, #43 and #23 respectively. 

Solid reputation management practices enable countries to be relevant and differentiate themselves on things that matter, which is paramount in the fierce competition to attract tourism and investment dollars. 

Global branding and identity expert and Chairman of Saffron Brand Consultants, Wally Olins, believes Canada’s success is due to language. “Out of the first six nations both in 2012 and last year, three were English language speakers. Yes I know Canada is bilingual, and of course I deeply respect that. But it's clear to me that having the English language as a primary source of global communications enables people everywhere to understand and appreciate your country better. It gives you a massive advantage in the race for top reputation. It helps with investment, tourism, cultural appreciation—everything." 

People’s perceptions in Germany, Britain and Canada are driven more by the extent to which a country has an effective government, while the Japanese and Russian populations care more about the country’s economy, according to the study. 

Greece and Italy both experienced the biggest drops in score and ranking this year, while Spain maintained the same score and rank as last year.

Source: Reputation Institute