07 September 2012

Danish agribusiness DLA Group buys 60 % stake in Finnish agribusiness Hankkija-Maatalous Oy

Helsinki - 07 September 2012 - As per 1 January 2013, DLA Group will, through its subsidiary company DLA International Holding A/S, buy 60% of the shares in Hankkija-Maatalous Oy. Hankkija-Maatalous Oy, Finlands biggest agribusiness with a market share of 50% and a turnover of EUR 1 billion. Hankkija-Maatalous Oy has 900 employees and has 81 departments and 8 machinery sales centres across Finland. 

Hankkija-Maatalous Oy operates as a traditional agribusiness with services within grain, feed, seed, raw materials, plant protection, fertilizer, premix and vitamins. Besides that, Hankkija-Maatalous Oy has a significant trade of farming machinery and represents strong brands such as John Deere, Amazone, Krone and Väderstad. Hankkija-Maatalous Oy also has 81 agrimarket shops which the Multasormi garden centres are part of. 

The company is Finland’s largest manufacturer of industrial animal feed and owns the companies Baltic Feed Sia in Latvia and Hiven Oy in Finland, which produce premix and vitamins and special products. Hankkija-Maatalous Oy also owns 67 % of the shares in the logistics company, Movere Ltd, which has activities mainly in Finland but also in the Nordic and Baltic countries, Russia and mainland Europe. 

Hankkija-Maatalous Oy is currently owned by the Finnish retailing cooperative SOK. SOK will retain 40% of the shares, but SOK and DLA Group have agreed to discuss the future owner structure in two to three years. 

Source: DLA Group