07 September 2012

DB Schenker Logistics expands its capacity in Stockholm, Sweden

07 September 2012 - The DB Schenker location in Arlandastad, Sweden, near Stockholm, is expanding to 63,000 square meters of hall space. The logistics center will provide services for high-tech products/electronics, food industry, pharmaceuticals and textiles. 

The Schenker Logistics AB facility opened its doors for the first time in 2009, with a new logistics center covering an area of over 25,000 square meters. It was expanded by an additional 7,000 square meters as early as 2011. Now, a new facility, with over 31,000 square meters of state-of-the-art logistics capacities, is under construction

The logistics center will provide services for customers in the fields of high-tech products/electronics, the food industry, pharmaceuticals and textiles. "We carry out advanced tasks such as configuring electronic equipment and constructing shelves for food products," states Mats Olsson, Managing Director of Schenker Logistics AB in Sweden. "The new building is located a mere 200 meters away from the current facility. We see the buildings as an integrated business park, and will exchange employees between the warehouses as needed. This proximity makes us very flexible." Olsson continues: "Stockholm is a very interesting area for logistics, with strong potential and a wide variety of opportunities for us. This is precisely why we are here. The new warehouse will create many new jobs." 

The logistics center is conveniently located on the E4 highway and near the airport. Thanks to the construction as a "green building", the energy consumption will be at least 25 percent less than originally planned. This means less emission of carbon dioxide and thus will contribute to the group’s sustainability strategy DB 2020. The commissioning of the new facility is planned for the fall of 2013. 

DB Schenker stands for the transportation and logistics activities of Deutsche Bahn. The Logistics sector of DB is the world’s second largest transportation and logistics services provider based on revenues and performance. In financial year 2011, DB Schenker generated revenues of around 19.8 billion euros, approximately 52 percent of the DB Group’s revenues. 

Source: DB Schenker