13 September 2012

Hyundai Motor Brazil launches HB20 model produced at its new plant in Piracicaba

- Company has invested a total of US$ 600 million in the facilities 
- Already hired 1,600 employees, to hire 400 more by 2013 

13 September 2012 - Hyundai Motor Brasil (HMB), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Company, today launched its long-awaited Brazil-exclusive model, officially entering the biggest and most competitive segment in the country’s auto market. 

The HB20 compact hatchback will be the first model to be produced at Hyundai’s fully-owned new plant in Piracicaba, which will officially hold an opening ceremony later this year. Production of the new vehicle will begin on Sept. 20, while sales will begin in early October. 

"For Hyundai, the launch of HB20 means a lot more than simply presenting a new model. Unlike our other models currently offered in Brazil, HB20 is the first model strategically developed and produced exclusively for the Brazilian market. This new car is optimized to the taste of Brazilian consumers and the driving conditions in this country, with years of dedication from our engineers. I guarantee with pride that HB20 will change the perception of Brazilian customers in the small car segment,” Chang Kyun Han, President of HMB, said at the launching event. 

Hyundai dedicated approximately five years to develop the new model, which is part of the company’s larger regionalization strategy. Dozens of Brazilian and Korean engineers were involved in the project during the conception phase to develop an ideal car that could handle Brazil’s typical road conditions, as well as satisfy consumers’ emotional needs. Mainly, Hyundai placed great importance on design, taking into account Brazilian consumers’ sensitivity to stylish and fuel-efficient cars. HB20, Hyundai’s first flex-fuel car, also features advanced anti-theft functions for maximum security. 

The HB family will also have sedan and crossover versions that will come to market during 2013. The three models will all be produced at Hyundai’s first plant in Brazil. The Piracicaba factory covers 1,390,000 square meters of land, of which 69,000 square meters will consist of facilities. The plant is Hyundai’s seventh overseas manufacturing base outside South Korea, after Turkey, India, China, the United States, the Czech Republic and Russia. The company invested a total of US$ 600 million in the facilities. 

HMB has already hired 1,600 employees with plans to increase this figure to 2,000 by 2013. Hyundai’s Piracicaba plant, together with its suppliers, will create an additional 3,000 jobs. It will also indirectly generate 20,000 jobs in the region. 

Established in 1967, Hyundai Motor Co. has grown into the Hyundai Motor Group, with more than two dozen auto-related subsidiaries and affiliates. Hyundai Motor -- which has six manufacturing bases outside of South Korea including the U.S., China, India, Russia, Turkey and the Czech Republic -- sold 4.06 million vehicles globally in 2011. Hyundai Motor, which employs over 80,000 worldwide, offers a full line-up of products including small to large passenger vehicles, SUVs and commercial vehicles. 

Source: Hyundai Motor Co.