12 September 2012

Norwegian yacht manufacturer Hydro-Design opens production plant in Novi Sad, Serbia

12 September 2012 - Norway's Hydro-Design, specialized in the production of yachts and luxury boats, will open a production plant in Novi Sad in September.

The company has rented a production hall of 1446 m2, near the Novi Sad, capital of Vojvodina. The company has plans to start production of models of boats Cormate sportmate 21 and Cormate T-27 in October, to early 2013. started with the production of a completely new, larger and more luxurious model.

Vojvodina Investment Promotion - VIP, which helped in finding locations in Novi Sad, will continue to support the Norwegian company by seeking national suppliers and by providing other services which VIP usually provides to foreign companies operating in Vojvodina.

Source: Vojvodina Investment Promotion