22 September 2012

Volkswagen China Officially Opens New Import and distribution Center in Shanghai

20 September 2012 - Volkswagen Sales Co., Ltd. (China) officially opened its import and distribution center in Shanghai. Following Tianjin Port and Guangzhou Xinsha, Volkswagen (China) set up a third port of entry, to further improve the supply network, and accelerate the delivery speed, in order to better meet the needs of Chinese consumers.

East China is one of the most active areas of ​​China's auto market with strong demand for imported cars. Volkswagen Sales Co., Ltd. (China) Shanghai import and distribution center will serve all Volkswagens imported brands, including the mass imported cars, Bentley, Bugatti, SEAT, Lamborghini. 

Volkswagen, Shanghai (China), import and distribution center has 98,520 square meters of warehouse, 10,000 square meters, vehicle handover and handling area, as well as the automobile storage capacity of 3,073 vehicles, processing capacity of 4,000 units / month. 

With the opening of the import and distribution centers in Shanghai, the dealers purchase cycle and customer pick-up time will be greatly shortened and the delivery time of the vehicle will be better guaranteed. This will undoubtedly help further enhance dealer service levels and customer satisfaction, and further improve the competitiveness of Volkswagen Sales Co., Ltd. (China) in the East China market. 

Source: Volkswagen China (Translated)