31 October 2012

AkzoNobel inaugurates the India Analytical Centre in Bangalore

29 October 2012 - AkzoNobel, the world’s largest Paints and Coatings Company and a leading producer of Specialty Chemicals, has launched a new initiative at its International Research Centre at Bangalore. The India Analytical Centre (IAC) as this new initiative is now known was inaugurated last week by Dr Graeme Armstrong, AkzoNobel’s Executive Committee Member responsible for Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I) and Director on the Board of Akzo Nobel India Limited. 

According to Dr Graeme Armstrong, “India is recognized globally for frugal innovation and as a fast emerging R&D hub. Over the years, AkzoNobel’s International Research Lab in Bangalore has been very successful in product and colour research for automotive customers, world-over. The efficacy of our Bangalore lab has also been due to its exceptional collaboration model with multiple other AkzoNobel labs around the globe.” 

“Now, the India Analytical Centre (IAC) at our Bangalore lab will leverage AkzoNobel’s global and local resources to provide high quality analytical services to fulfill the needs of all coatings businesses in India; be it decorative, Industrial, protective or automotive coatings. The IAC will also have the process capability to evaluate and certify raw materials, intermediates and products in India, thereby enhancing the operational excellence of Akzo Nobel India’s manufacturing units by both, reducing time taken to manufacture and enhancing the quality of the manufactured product.” 

Sudhakar Dantiki, Director RD&I, Akzo Nobel India, adds, “The IAC will use the existing common pool of scientists, measurement methodologies and analytical equipment present in Akzo Nobel India’s R&D locations at both Bangalore and Thane. It will not only asses AkzoNobel’s products to meet the local./Indian product certifying specifications but will aim to provide faster and better solutions to technical challenges faced by our coatings customers in the transport, construction and industrial segments.” 

The IAC is equipped with instrument technologies like Spectroscopy which is critical in maintaining the highest quality in the raw materials such as resins; Rheology – that is used to study the flow and viscosity profiles of products in product development and application,; as well those for thermal Analysis and corrosion studies which allow technicians to evaluate product durability under different conditions and over different substrates. 

In addition, the IAC will also be home to the colour group - a team of diversified and talented professionals. These technicians use sophisticated tools, processes and softwares and are engaged in researching and developing next generation colour tools, algorithms, formula development and training thereby providing innovative colour solutions to the customers. 

Akzo Nobel India’s strength of about 150 research, development and innovation (RD&I) professionals comprise scientists, physicists, engineers and IT professionals from different disciplines who work together to enhance value to AkzoNobel’s customers in India. 

Source: Akzo Nobel India