02 October 2012

APL Logistics opens two Quality Assurance Centres in Bangladesh

New centres in Dhaka and Chittagong capitalise on growing apparel sector 

Dhaka, Bangladesh - 02 Oct 2012 - APL Logistics has opened its first Quality Assurance Centre in Dhaka, and a second in Chittagong. With the new centres, APL Logistics offers a more comprehensive service offering to customers in the apparel sector. 

The global logistics provider’s 30,500-square foot centre is located in Gazipur, Dhaka and along the Dhaka-Chittagong highway. The Chittagong facility is located in APL Logistics container freight station (CFS). The 115,000-square foot CFS facility is close to the Port of Chittagong and supports Chittagong-based suppliers with quality assurance services. Both facilities are in close proximity to the majority of Bangladesh’s garment manufacturers. 

“We are committed to increasing our product portfolio to grow our customer base in Bangladesh and optimise supply chain efficiency for customers,” said Siddharth Adya, APL Logistics’ Managing Director for South Asia. “Channeling shipments through this centre opens up new opportunities for growth, particularly in the fast-growing apparel sector.” 

Since obtaining the license to operate the centres, APL Logistics has handled a growing number of shipments through the facilities. 

With the new centres, APL Logistics customers can centralise quality assurance activities currently performed across various factory locations and involving multiple quality assurance specialists. The facilities also offer other value-added services that customers may require, such as pick & pack labeling and scanning. 

With more than 300 offices serving over 55 countries, APL Logistics’ 4,500 seasoned professionals offer local expertise throughout a truly global network. As an independent unit, APL Logistics' revenues have grown to nearly $1.3 billion (USD). APL Logistics is a wholly owned subsidiary of the $8.2 billion NOL Group. 

Source: APL Logistics