06 October 2012

B/E Aerospace opens aircraft components manufacturing facility in Batangas, Philippines

Tanauan, Batangas – 03 October 2012 - President Benigno S. Aquino III attended Wednesday the opening of the B/E Aerospace Inc. Philippine facility as he thanked the company for choosing the Philippines over other locations. 

“Events like these are road signs along the path to progress. They tell us that we are going to the right direction—that the world is beginning to acknowledge the long-overlooked talents of the Filipino worker,” the President said in his message during the event 

The President noted that events like this mean new job for Filipinos and more gains for the country’s economy. The Chief executive expressed his gratitude to the B/E Aerospace Inc. for investing money in the country, considering that the Batangas facility is the first outside the United States and Europe. 

The Philippines, chosen from the shortlist of six countries to have the facility, is a testament that it is becoming a truly competitive destination, he said. 

The President pointed out that with the opening of the B/E Aerospace Inc.’s operation in the Philippines, the country regains its foothold in the manufacturing sector, especially in aircraft components manufacturing. 

More foreign investors have been coming in, the President said, adding that AG&P, also located in Batangas, has invested in the Philippines to manufacture large oil, gas and mining modules. Other companies on the other hand invested in shipbuilding, he said. 

The President also mentioned the progress of the country’s aviation sector highlighting the factors that sustain those developments. Investors are coming to the Philippines because of its highly skilled, English-speaking workforce, the government policy that level the playing field for businesses and the assurance of a corruption-free bureaucracy, he stressed. 

“Our administration is as committed as ever to honesty and transparency. We will not misplace your confidence, and we will certainly not betray the trust of our workers, who deserve employers like you,” President Aquino said. 

B/E Aerospace Inc., which planned to invest $100 million in its Philippine facility, is opening its operations with an initial of 200 employees. The company plans to increase it to 500 next year and eyes to have 1,000 workers in the next three years. 

The company is one of the world’s leading manufacturing of aircraft passenger cabins interior products for commercial, business and military aircraft. It is also a major distributor of aerospace fasteners. 

B/E Aerospace Inc. serves almost all of the world’s airlines, aircraft manufacturers and leasing companies through its direct global sales and customer support organizations. 

Source: Embassy of the Philippines, Washington D.C