07 October 2012

ClassNK Establishes its 100th Overseas Survey Office

Tokyo – 02 October 2012 - ClassNK (Chairman and President: Noboru Ueda) has announced that on 1 October 2012, 3 new overseas survey offices have opened, bringing the total number of ClassNK’s overseas survey offices over the milestone of a 100 locations. Newly established offices locations are the following: Doha (Qatar), Muscat (Oman) and Lianyungang (China)

With the establishment of 3 new survey offices, ClassNK’s survey network will be ever more extended, allowing a faster dispatching of surveyors that will result in providing a better service to clients. Furthermore, based on clients’ needs and movements of the market, other survey offices are expected to open in the future.

The total number of ClassNK survey offices throughout the world is 121 (20 in Japan and 101 overseas). 

ClassNK is dedicated to ensuring the safety of life and property at sea, and the prevention of pollution of the marine environment. The Head Office is located in Tokyo and in Chiba, Japan, and there are branch offices at the major Japanese and overseas cities throughout the world. As of the end of May 2012, the Society had 7,847 ships over 200 million g.t. under class. This figure represents approximately 20 percent of the world merchant fleet currently under class. 

Source: ClassNK