25 October 2012

Country Brand Index 2012-13: Switzerland tops ranking

- United States falls to 8th position
- UAE, Chile and Malaysia Ranked as Potential Leaders 

New York, NY - 24 October 2012 -Today, FutureBrand reveals its 8th annual ranking of the world’s leading country brands—moving Switzerland to the #1 seat in the consultancy’s 2012-13 Country Brand Index (CBI), a preeminent global study of country brands. 

In keeping with past year’s studies, the 2012-13 CBI ranks the world’s countiries – from their cultures, to their industries, to their economic vitality and public policy initiatives – based on global perceptions today. Drawing insights from a collective of 3,600 opinion-formers and frequent international travelers from 18 countries, FutureBrand utilized its proprietary Hierarchal Decision Model (HDM) to determine how key audiences – residents, investors, tourists and foreign governments – see the world’s country brands, from awareness through to advocacy. 

The top 10 country brands of 2012-13 are Switzerland, Canada, japan, Sweden, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, United States, Finland and Norway. 

Switzerland’s Rise as a Model Nation: As a symbol of economic, cultural and social stability, brand Switzerland shows that the cultivation of freedom, tolerance, transparency and environmentalism can put a country’s brand ahead—even in difficult economic times. After year-over-year growth in the CBI, Switzerland surpasses two-time leader Canada to enjoy top overall honors. 

The Decline of the Iconic United States Brand: Undeniably one of the world’s most widely recognized country brands, the United States, has traditionally enjoyed a reputation in-line with its core values and ideals, such as freedom, democracy, ambition and individualism. In the face of successive fiscal crises, however, the influence and normative values of the West are beginning to lose clout with a global audience. Perhaps as a consequence, the United States brand has declined eight places in the overall index since 2009—a year when the US led the index at number one. 

In a new addition to the study, FutureBrand has published the Future Fifteen, a ranking of 15 country brands on course to transform the global landscape economically, politically and culturally in years to come. The inaugural Future Fifteen recognizes the United Arab Emirates as the forerunner among tomorrow’s leading country brands. 

Drawing from around the world, the Future Fifteen recognizes the potential of the following country brands: UAE, Chile, Malaysia, Qatar, Estonia, China, Iceland, Mexico, Brazil, Turkey, Thailand, Colombia, India, Kazakhstan and Vietnam. 

The FutureBrand 2012-13 CBI also highlights the changing climate of the world’s countries by region, adding a level of perspective to its forecast by contrasting rising stars against their sister-nations. 

Source: FutureBrands