14 October 2012

DPD Poland opens the largest sorting facility in Central and Eastern Europe

Warsaw/Aschaffenburg - 11 October 2012 - DPD Poland, one of the leading companies in the courier industry, opened its Central Sorting Centre in Stryków, near Łódź. The Central Sorting Centre has been established in the heart of Poland, where all the major domestic communication routes meet. It will be one of the most modern sorting facilities in this part of Europe. The Central Sorting Centre is the point that completes the unique Diamond Structure of DPD Poland, connecting the largest distribution centres across the country. 

Stryków, as a strategic point for warehouse locations, has been attracting investors for many years, with the shortest average delivery distance to sales markets and motorway junctions among other things. This modern investment is coming into being in the heart of Poland, where all the major domestic communication routes meet. Together with our business partners, we search for optimum logistic solutions and the central location of Stryków fulfils the requirements related to cost optimization. 

The community comprises three Industrial Parks offering 2,500 jobs and a motorway junction, which not only makes communication between Warsaw and Poznań easier (two further sections will be opened this year: A2 connecting the community with the capital city and A1, between Stryków and Toruń) but is also a business opportunity that cannot be overlooked,” says Rafał Nawłoka, President of DPD Poland. 

Spread on an area of almost 9 hectares, the buildings of the New Central Sorting Centre comprise a warehouse with a surface area of 13,500 m2 and offices covering 2,500 m2. The hardened manoeuvre area covering 5.5 hectares can accommodate 300 vehicles per night. This colossus features 158 LH gates, 12 courier gates, including 44 unloading stations and 76 (the target being 96) loading stations. The building is supported by 150 concrete pillars, each weighting nearly 15 tonnes. The facility has 300 m in length, 40 m in width and 14 m in height. 

The entire investment has taken us three years (from concept to this day), cost us 32 million euros and will soon provide jobs for 430 people. We initially make a substantial investment, which will shortly pay back, though. Despite coming at a considerable initial cost, the New DPD Poland Central Sorting Centre will help further optimize operating costs over time and will be a very cost-effective investment in the long run. This large undertaking is dictated by market growth on the one hand, and on the other hand, it introduces flexible solutions that enable us to adjust to the changing expectations and needs of our Customers by offering them better and faster services. Our goal is to be a first-choice courier company,” says Rafał Nawłoka. 

The opening of the new central hub in Stryków near Łódź is undoubtedly the largest project of DPD Poland in the period between 2008 and 2012. In terms of size, it is one of the largest hubs in the European DPD network and is estimated to be able to handle up to 4,000 tonnes of goods per night. The technology used in the New Central Sorting Centre makes it one of the most modern sorting facilities in this part of Europe. 

Source: DPD