07 October 2012

Global geoscience company Ikon Science opens office in Calgary, Canada

04 October 2012 - Ikon Science, the global geoscience company, has opened an office in Calgary to focus on delivering and supporting its industry-acclaimed RokDoc® software and its rock physics and geopressure services to the Canadian market. 

“Ikon Science’s presence in Calgary is an investment in a market where we have already established strong credentials by delivering a number of service projects and software products to Canadian operators” said Ikon Science’s new Canada Regional Manager, Rob Dudley. “The new office will enable our scientists to work in proximity with our Canadian clients.” 

“Witnessing our Canadian market’s exciting growth over the past few years, we look forward to expanding our roots here with our entire portfolio of innovative products and services in the business of quantitative interpretation, rock physics and geopressure,” said Murray Christie, President Ikon Science Americas. “The opening of this office follows on our recent successful entries into Brasil, Russia, Norway and Indonesia, and testifies to Ikon’s strong growth as a global geoscience company.” 

Ikon’s integrated solutions play a key role in providing a ‘sanity check’ to pressure, geological and geophysical interpretations to ensure oil and gas companies have a better understanding of the rocks, fluids, geomechanical and pressure properties of the overburden and oil and gas reservoirs. 

Christie concluded, “Ikon is committed to delivering to our Canadian customers globally vetted technologies across the E&P life cycle. Combined with our know-how, they contribute to reducing frontier-exploration risk for companies focused on East Coast and International plays, as well as helping our customers to better understand pore pressures for the improved safety of exploration wells in complex geology. We also provide technology and services for the monitoring and modeling of 4D seismic to optimize production in the Oil Sands.” 

Ikon Science is a global geoscience technology company providing industry leadership in the prediction of reservoir properties, pressures and fluids. Our RokDoc® software, Quantitative Interpretation and GeoPressure services all leverage the power of rock physics to integrate well, geopressure and seismic data to understand the subsurface. Ikon Science’s RokDoc software platform and related Quantitative Interpretation services are used in over 200 leading oil, gas, energy and service companies throughout the world. Ikon Science, founded in 2001, has over 170 staff based in offices in London, Durham, Edinburgh, Lagos, Rio de Janeiro, Houston, Boulder, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Adelaide and Perth. The company is privately owned and investors include Fleming Family & Partners and Tullow Oil plc. 

Source: Ikon Science