29 October 2012

Hyland Software Launches Subsidiary in London, UK

Cleveland – 29 October 2012 – Hyland Software recently launched Hyland Software UK Ltd., a subsidiary in London, to establish stronger relationships with current and prospective customers in Europe. Hyland Software, an enterprise content management (ECM) provider, has had a branch office in the UK for the past 12 years. With over 11,000 lifetime customers across the globe, the subsidiary is a symbol of Hyland’s long-term commitment to our current and future customers in the region. 

“As we continue to attract large UK-based customers like Barts Health NHS, it becomes increasingly more important to demonstrate our commitment to our customers in the region,” said Bill Priemer, chief operating officer of Hyland Software. “The subsidiary will help Hyland create a deeper connection with our customers and legally solidifies Hyland’s presence in the UK and Europe.” 

Although Hyland customers currently have access to local support and resources in the UK branch, the creation of Hyland Software UK confirms that Hyland will continue to provide these services well into the future. This subsidiary will remain a part of the Hyland Software parent company and gives Hyland greater flexibility to grow and expand. With global offices in Brazil and Japan, the addition of the UK subsidiary will continue to position Hyland as a leader in the enterprise content management (ECM) industry. 

Hyland’s enterprise content management (ECM) solution, OnBase, is one of the most flexible and comprehensive ECM products on the market today. 

Hyland is located in Cleveland, Ohio, and has offices in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific. 

Source: Hyland