30 October 2012

Israeli company Nation E to set up R&D center in Tricity, Poland

29 October 2012 - Nation E, an Israeli ICT energy management solutions, has decided to set up its R&D branch in Tricity, Pomerania Region in Poland. The subsidiary will promote Nation E’s Energy Platform in Europe and applications in the field of data transmission between the participants of the platform. 

The office is to start operating in the fourth quarter of 2012 and it will be the third subsidiary of the comapny. Until now, Nation E had offices located in USA and Switzerland. 

‘Number of factors has influenced our choice, among them are stable political, financial, social and legal environment, perception of Poland as an active member of European Union and good location close to Central and Eastern European Markets. Tricity has also strong human resources in the field of IT, mostly graduates from Technical University of Gdańsk. Moreover, Tricity has to offer many qualified and experienced engineers and R&D centers in the region. These factors are great basis for our activity. In the beginning we plan to hire 15 persons in Tricity. At the moment our industry in Europe is in pilot phase. – explains Andres Stamatiou, CFO of Nation E. We also value the support from Invest in Pomerania, both in terms of market research and during our visit in Tricity’. 

Nation E has been active on the European market since 2006. They have participated in researches in many countries. Some of their technologies have gained recognition from European Commission, governments and many well known organizations. The number of performed investments have resulted in creating jobs. The company is best recognized through their Energy Communication Platform. The platform enables data transmission between distributed units, such as EVs, storages, Li-lon batteries, renewable energy, charging poles, smart meters and the power grid. The communication protocol developed by Nation E is the pioneer on the market. It enables the communication between two sides in the real time. It provides fast, efficient and safe data transfer. Nation E assumes that the implementation of the technology will contribute in creating ca 1000 jobs in Europe by 2017. Nation E is also a board member of SEDC in Brussels. 

Source: Invest in Poland