22 October 2012

Linamar Group (Canada) to invest €8.5 million in Famer and create 65 jobs in Auvergne, France

22 October 2012 - The automotive subcontractor Famer group, headquartered in Saint-Romain-en-Gier (Rhône-Alpes region), which specializes in gears, drive shafts and component machining, is set to receive investments at its plant in Montfaucon-en-Velay (Auvergne region).

Famer, which was acquired in early 2011 by Canadian automotive parts manufacturer Linamar, will be the recipient of investments totaling €8.5 million to modernize its site and its 150 production machines. The investment will be used to refurbish the workshops and finance training programs designed to support the installation of the new equipment. 

“All the local institutions, assisted by the Invest in France Agency, joined forces to support this investment which will lead to the creation of 65 jobs. The Auvergne Regional Council is also providing €100,000 via its business investment fund. The IFA actively supported the company in France and also met with the managers involved at Linamar’s headquarters in Guelph, Canada. These efforts contributed to the success of this project, which we hope will lead to further developments in France,” said Jean-Pierre Novak, Executive Vice-President at the IFA’s Canada office.