02 November 2012

AEON Group Establishes ASEAN Headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

01 November 2012 – AEON Group announced commencement of operations of AEON ASIA SDN. BHD, its ASEAN Headquarters, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The new company will control and support group companies in the ASEAN region. 

As one of the Group’s common strategies in the three-year Medium-Term Management Plan (FY2011 through FY2013), Aeon designated a shift to Asian markets, which aims for substantial growth in the ASEAN region and China. Under this strategic policy, we began operations of the Group’s China Headquarters in Beijing, China last March. The launch of the Aeon Group’s ASEAN Headquarters will mark the establishment of a three-headquarters structure consisting of Japan, China, and ASEAN. 

The Aeon Group’s ASEAN Headquarters will promote “glocal management,” which combines global management perspectives from a holistic approach and locally-oriented management, and reinforcement of management foundations, in order to accelerate Group-wide efforts to achieve growth in the ASEAN region. The new company will make timely decisions in a proactive and independent manner and deploy functions necessary to promote prompt growth strategies of each Group business, such as the formulation of growth strategies for the Group. 

Aeon currently operates in six ASEAN countries, including Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia. In the future, we intend to seek synergy beyond the boundaries of retail, developer, financial services and service businesses under the Aeon Group’s ASEAN Headquarters and promote Group-wide efforts to expand operations in the ASEAN region. 

Aeon will accelerate its shift to Asian markets under its “Customer-first” philosophy with the aim of becoming Asia’s no.1 retailer that combines growth and profitability 

Aeon is headquartered in Chiba, Japan. 

Source: Aeon