02 November 2012

Berlin-headquartered simpleshow announces expansion to the UK

01 November 2012 (Realwire) - European tech start up, simpleshow, announced its expansion to the UK today. Despite the recession, the stop-frame style animation company has doubled in size every year since its inception in 2008, a testament to the strength of the digital recovery within Europe. simpleshow is now looking to the UK to drive its international expansion aiming for 100 per cent growth in 2013

Customers already include Microsoft, FIFA, eBay and BMW with the concept for simple explanatory videos starting out on the back of a napkin in a pub. Founders Jens Schmelzle and Kai Blisch, originally set out to develop a side project to fund their record label while working at a media agency. Developing the concept of filming paper clippings which they studied at Stuttgart University, the young serial entrepreneurs developed the simpleshow – explaining a complex idea in three minutes using simple black and white “scribbles”. 

With such positive customer feedback and recommendations spreading through word-of-mouth, Jens and Kai realised a big gap in the market. 2012 saw the new addition of CEO Detlev Weise, who is using his experience at Alcatel Lucent, Dow Jones and Reuters, to grow the company internationally. Targeting a seven digit number in UK earnings next year, simpleshow is confident of the possibilities open to European tech start-ups. 

Since creation in 2008, simpleshow has grown from two employees to 40 employees and over 40 freelance employees across the world. It has been able to expand using just its cash flow which has grown organically through recommendations and word of mouth. It today launched in the UK after establishing offices in Singapore, Berlin and New York. 

“The thriving tech start-up community, growing pool of talent and strong digital culture has made the UK a natural selection for expansion. We also believe it's a great place to start our overseas expansion as the UK is more international than Germany and we see it as a springboard to the rest of the world. The success we've had in just four years is testament to the health and vitality of Europe’s digital industry and we expect to grow our business by 100% next year, with the UK playing a significant part of that growth,“ said Detlev Weise, CEO, simpleshow. 

simpleshow provides paper cutout animation videos that explain and simplify complex topics. It is one of the founders of the paper cutout animation format and occupies a leading role globally in the stop frame animation sector. simpleshows provide a clear, effective communication vehicle that will convey any message, regardless of its complexity in an entertaining and cost-effective manner. Its benefits include an efficient method of communication, delivery of a complete solution, ease of dissemination, mass appeal and a proven track record. simpleshow is headquarted in Berlin, Germany with offices in Stuttgart, UK, New York and Singapore. 

Source: simpleshow