05 November 2012

Germany’s Bio-chem Cleantec to invest €6 million and create 48 new jobs in Elektrėnai, Lithuania

- Company to receive EUR 1.6 million in financial support

05 November 2012 (Invest Lithuania) - The German industrial biotechnology company Bio-chem Cleantec will invest almost EUR 6 million into a new manufacturing facility in Elektrėnai, Lithuania. The facility will manufacture surface technology products meant to clean and protect different infrastructural surfaces such as railways and airplanes. The new facility is expected to create 48 new jobs

The company will also dedicate around EUR 290 thousand to shared value investments, i.e. social projects that also increase the competitiveness of the investing company and the country as a whole. Bio-chem Cleantec will contribute to the establishment of an open space laboratory and training for researchers. The company will also contribute to the technical supervision of public infrastructure and will foster an interest in biology and chemistry in schoolchildren. The company plans to cooperate with Lithuanian universities in the field of industrial biotechnology and in recruiting students for internships. 

The biotechnology sector accounts for about one per cent of Lithuania’s GDP. This is forecast to double and reach two per cent in the near future. Bio-chem Cleantec’s entry to Lithuania will stimulate this area of strong growth,” said Milda Darguzaite, Managing Director of Invest Lithuania. 

In the final stage of the selection process for this investment, our choice was between Lithuania and Latvia. We chose your country because of the better developed infrastructure, as well as the huge unexploited potential of biotechnology in your universities,” claims Ulrich Berens, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the parent company Bio-Circle. He also emphasised that the geographic location of Lithuania creates fertile conditions for the company’s growth in the Baltic region and penetration into export markets in the East. Bio-chem Cleantec is marking Lithuania as the staging ground for the company’s exports; initially to Russia and Ukraine, and then to Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Turkmenistan. 

Bio-chem Cleantec supplies products to the BMW automobile concern, the home appliances manufacturer Miele, the international Japanese conglomerate Hitachi, the Danish airlines company Air Alsie, and many more. 

Under the scheme of the European Union's financial instrument Invest LT+, which promotes foreign investments in high- value added manufacturing and services, the company is to receive EUR 1.6 million in financial support. 

Bio-chem Cleantec is a subsidiary of the Bio-Circle company, which is engaged in the manufacturing of environmentally-friendly surface technology products. The company employs over 140 professionals in Germany, and another 230 abroad. Its product segments include cleaning, protecting, lubricating, welding, ice-free and cleaning technologies. Most of the company’s production is VOC-free (volatile organic compounds), which are still widely used among other surface care manufacturers. 

Source: Invest Lithuania