05 November 2012

Incoils Opens New North American Sales Office in Dayton, Ohio

Dayton, OH – 01 November 2012 (PR.com) - Incoils Electronics, a leader in the international "Make to Print" turn-key markets with facilities in Malaysia and Indonesia, announces the opening of its North American sales office in Dayton, Ohio. The office will serve as the exclusive sales channel for standard and custom products from Incoils Electronics Sdn Bhd Malaysia.

As an established and trusted supplier to companies including Sony, Sharp, Johnson Electric, Deltrol and more, Incoils has over 20 years' of experience in providing customer satisfaction with its line of quality products and services. Incoils' products are shipped globally around the world. Among the services and products Incoils provides are electro-mechanical assembly, printed circuit boards, solenoid valves, transformers, plastic molded components, machined parts, and custom stampings. Incoils also offers logistics and inventory management solutions to its customers, thereby increasing the ease of conducting business on a global scale.

Headed by Tim O'Brien, Director of Sales Development for Incoils North America, the new Dayton office better positions Incoils to interface with its North American clients and help them meet the competitive pressures in the global market.

"Incoils' growth in the last several years has been exciting for us and our clients worldwide, and our new office in Dayton will better position Incoils to meet the demands of its North American customers," explains Mr. O'Brien. "Having a North American presence in Ohio will allow us to grow the business in the United States market and provide a superior level of service to our clients in the region."

In order to support its customers' increasingly complex product demands, Incoils has invested heavily in research and development. Incoils' facilities utilize state-of-the-art practices and equipment, in-process quality controls and thorough product testing. With diverse resources and a highly skilled workforce, Incoils produces high quality, total cost solutions for its global customers.

Source: Incoils