08 November 2012

Nestlé invests CHF 50 million in its first R&D centre in India

- The centre will specialise in Asian noodles and Indian cooking 
- Located in Manesar, close to Nestlé India’s headquarters in Gurgaon 
- Nestlé has 32 research and development centres worldwide. 

08 November 2012 - Nestlé is opening its first research and development centre in India to further its understanding of Indian consumers, traditional ingredients and local cuisine, and to provide scientific and technological expertise to the rest of its global business. 

The centre, which will specialise in Asian noodles and Indian cooking, will focus on developing highly nutritious, affordable products in appropriate serving sizes for lower income consumers. Researchers will gain expertise in the use of local ingredients and culinary traditions – work Nestlé expects to be a source of new ideas for products. 

The company has invested CHF 50 million in the centre, which is located in Manesar close to Nestlé India’s headquarters in Gurgaon. 

“Our R&D centre in India will help us gain important insights into local consumers’ eating habits and taste preferences, as well as greater expertise in using and processing local ingredients to develop products for India and beyond,” said Paul Bulcke, Nestlé’s Chief Executive Officer, at the inauguration event. 

“R&D India will work closely with our other R&D facilities across the world, contributing to our existing knowledge base, and providing new opportunities for innovation and for the growth of our business,” explained Johannes Baensch, Nestlé’s Global Head of Research and Development. 

It will also nurture local talent. Nestlé will recruit the majority of employees from the excellent pool of talented science and engineering graduates in this region. 

Nestlé’s investment in India reflects its long-term commitment to strengthening its R&D capability in emerging markets. Last month the company announced plans to increase the number of R&D facilities it has in China from two to four by 2013. In total, Nestlé has 32 research and development centres worldwide

With its new R&D centre in India, Nestlé aims to extend the range of mainstream products it currently offers consumers in the country, particularly in the noodles, cereal, beverage and dairy categories. The centre will be a source of the latest technological know-how in food processing and manufacturing. It will also provide expertise in extrusion – a process used to give certain foods a specific shape or texture – and in consumer science. It will develop scientific collaborations with local universities and research institutes in India to strengthen Nestlé’s existing knowledge base and to accelerate innovation. 

Nestlé has been in India for 100 years and has used its global R&D expertise and knowledge of nutrition to develop products that we all love,” said Tariq Anwar, Honourable Minister of State for Agriculture and Food Processing Industry. 

Nestlé celebrates its 100th anniversary in India this year. The company’s sales agents first started work in Chennai and Kolkata (Calcutta) in 1912. Today, Nestlé directly employs 7,000 people in the country. Its products are sold in around four million outlets across India, including brands such as Maggi, Nescafé and Kit Kat. 

Source: Nestlé