10 December 2012

KBC Bank Ireland opens first high street retail office in Dublin

- KBC plans to invest in new retail locations in Ireland 
- Bank has added over 100 employees in Ireland in 2012 
- Part of KBC Group headquartered in Brussels, Belgium 

10 December 2012 - KBC Bank Ireland has launched its first high street retail office in Dublin opening a flagship unit at 142 Lower Baggot Street today. 

John Reynolds, CEO, KBC Bank Ireland said that the opening of the Dublin office is the first phase of an expansion programme by KBC which will see the bank invest in new retail locations in a number of cities in Ireland in the coming years. In order to meet increasing customer needs, the bank has added over 100 employees in Ireland in 2012 and the opening of its new retail location is a reflection of the increase in new customers joining the bank. 

We have ambitious plans to grow our business and the opening of our new Dublin retail office is an exciting and important step in our drive to offer real choice to customers in Ireland. Our focus is on being a leading retail bank, providing attractive savings, mortgage and other financial services to consumers. We are committed to providing sustainable competition in the Irish market”, said John Reynolds. 

Reynolds points to KBC’s success in building a strong base of deposit customers as evidence of the appetite among consumers for the bank’s services. “Over the past 18 months we developed a range of innovative deposit products, such as Interest Upfront, Top Up and Smart Access, which are attractive to savers. We’ve grown our deposit book by over €1 billion and have won over 20,000 new customers in 2012. We have a very solid customer base from which we can grow our business”, he said. 

“Over the last year we have put a premium on engaging with customers and putting in place measures that make banking easier for them. Online banking is a key part of our strategy but Irish people also like to do business ‘face to face’. Investing in an expanded high street presence is key, but we are also pioneering more innovative ways for customers to interact with us”, said John Reynolds. “The KBC Pop-Up is one such innovation which we will continue to exploit. It’s all about making it easier for consumers to do business with KBC on a day to day basis.” 

John Reynolds concluded by saying that the retail investment copper-fastens KBC’s commitment to growing in Ireland with further plans to increase employment in the coming year. “As we approach 40 years in Ireland, these developments reflect our belief in Ireland as a place to do business and our confidence in being a real competitive alternative in the market for Irish consumers. We have a sizable business here, and provide valuable employment to over 700 people” he added. 

KBC Bank’s Headquarters is in Sandwith Street, Dublin and has offices in Cork, Galway, Limerick and Belfast. 

KBC Group is an integrated bancassurance group which operates across Europe and to a lesser extent in the USA and South East Asia. Headquartered in Brussels, KBC is one of the top three financial institutions in Belgium and has had a presence in Ireland since 1978. KBC Group NV is KBC Bank Ireland's ultimate parent, with KBC Bank NV being our immediate parent. 

Source: KBC Bank Ireland