27 December 2012

Nipro Corporation inaugurates new plant in Maharashtra, India

- Total land area of 210,000 sq. mt. and 570 employees 
- New plant is India's first dialyzer production site 
- In-house gamma sterilization facility

27 December 2012 - Nipro Corporation announced that its subsidiary Nipro India Corporation Pvt.Ltd. inaugurated its new plant on 15th December, 2012. The new plant, located at Shirwal near Pune City, Maharashtra, India, with total land area of 210,000 square meters and 570 employees, produces artificial kidneys (dialyzers) and other various medical devices. 

There are approximately 1 million patients with kidney failure in India, but more than 90% of such patients are not properly treated due to economical reasons, etc. The new plant is India's first dialyzer production site, and it has installed the in-house gamma sterilization facility, which is also the first in India for the manufacturing plant of medical device. 

Nipro is aiming to contribute to the amelioration of medical care in India by manufacturing its high quality and safety medical products locally and selling at affordable prices, with the manufacturing technology which it has developed in Japan. 

Nipro has three subsidiaries in India; in addition to Nipro India Corporation Pvt. Ltd., it has Nipro Tube Glass Ltd., which manufactures and sells ampoules and vials for injectables, and Nipro Glass India Pvt. Ltd., which manufactures neutral borosilicate glass tubes for ampoules and vials. Nipro is expanding its business in India through these three companies. 

Nipro Tube Glass Ltd. is also building up a new plant in Khopoli, between Mumbai and Pune, which has total land area of 74,500 square meters. Nipro Glass India Pvt. is setting up the new manufacturing facility for glass tubes, in the same premise of its existing plant located in Meerut near to Delhi. These two manufacturing facilities are scheduled to start the operation in 2013.

Now, Nipro is having total 7 plants and 4 sales branches in India, and the total number of employees of three companies is 1,400 which is planned to be 2,100 next year.

Nipro will continuously enhance the production and sales abilities to meet the expanding demands of medical device and pharmaceutical packaging in India, and aim to become the top share company. The target of total sales of these three subsidiaries in India is 7.8 billion INR (140 million USD) for FY2013, and 19.0 billion INR (350 million USD) for FY2020. 

Source: Nipro Corporation