23 December 2012

Yamaha to establish sales subsidiary in Vietnam for musical instrument and AV products

- Located in Ho Chi Minh City
- Scheduled to begin operations in April 2013

21 December 2012 - Yamaha Corporation has announced that it has decided to establish a sales subsidiary in Vietnam for musical instruments and AV products. Vietnam is one of the emerging countries that are expected to show rapid growth in the years ahead.

Previously, Yamaha has relied on import agents in Vietnam to manage the sales of its products there, but, going forward, the new subsidiary will be in charge of marketing Yamaha products and operating Yamaha Music Schools. The new company is expected to accelerate the growth of Yamaha’s sales in the Vietnamese market. 

Yamaha Music Vietnam Company, Limited will be located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It will have paid-in capital of Ho Chi Minh City and is scheduled to begin operations in April 2013. It will have 10 employees including 2 personeel seconded from Yamaha Corporation. 

Source: Yamaha Corporation