29 January 2013

Britain’s Framestore to set up new studio in Montréal, Canada; Create 200 jobs

Montréal - 28 January 2013 – Britain’s Framestore, a leading visual effects and animation studio serving the film and television industries, announced plans to set up a new studio in Greater Montréal. Framestore plans to hire more than 200 graphic design and 3D animation specialists over the next three years. 

“The opening of a new Montréal studio by a major special effects firm, which has worked on many Hollywood hits, reinforces our region’s position as a world leader in information and communication technologies,” explained Jacques St-Laurent, President and CEO of Montréal International. “This large-scale project also highlights the many advantages offered by Greater Montréal that have attracted industry leaders like Framestore—such as the availability of a qualified and creative labour pool, a favourable business environment and strategic government support.” 

Hans Fraikin, Film Commissioner and Chief Executive Officer of the Québec Film and Television Council and General Manager of ACTIONMTL, stressed the significant spin-offs of this investment for the local industry. “We are thrilled that Framestore has come to Montréal. The arrival of Europe’s biggest visual effects company is a perfect fit with ACTIONMTL’s strategic plan to make our city a world leader in post-production. Framestore has the capacity to generate contracts with Hollywood’s biggest decision-makers, creating additional wealth and numerous jobs for Québec in the coming years.” 

“In planning our new venture in Montréal, we have been very fortunate to have had such good counsel and professional assistance as extended by Montréal International and the Québec Film and Television Council. They worked very quickly to help us build the right networks in the Montréal community, enabling conversations to move from feasibility to meaningful action swiftly and with confidence,” said Matt Fox, Joint Managing Director-Film of Framestore in London, U.K. 

Founded in 1986, Framestore is an Oscar-winning visual effects company. Framestore partners with clients ranging from Hollywood studios through to advertisers, ad agencies, production companies and video game developers. Employing over 700 staff, Framestore is now one of the largest visual effects and computer animation studios in Europe. 

The Québec Film and Television Council’s (QFTC) mandate is to contribute to the province’s development and competitiveness as a world-class film and television production center. The QFTC is responsible for promoting Québec’s various strengths and assets in foreign markets in order to develop interesting new business opportunities. In its role as the Secretariat of the Metropolitan Audiovisual Cluster, ACTIONMTL, the Council also ensures industrial development by implementing programs designed to benefit the industry as a whole.

Source: Montréal International