07 January 2013

IDA Ireland reports 145 investments and 12,722 new jobs in 2012

- Net job creation of 6,570 by IDA clients up from 5,934 last year 
- 66 (over 40%) companies coming to Ireland for the first time 
- IDA client base in Ireland now employs 152,785 people

Dublin, 07 January 2013 - IDA Ireland, the Irish Government agency responsible for attracting foreign direct investment, has reported the creation of 12,722 new jobs during 2012. IDA client companies added a total of 6,570 new net jobs, the IDA’s third consecutive year of growth in net employment. Job losses at IDA client companies were the lowest for a decade.

In total there were 145 individual investments, with 66 (over 40%) from companies coming to Ireland for the first time. The IDA client base in Ireland now employs 152,785 people, a level last recorded before the global financial crisis began in 2008. Net job creation rose to 6,570 from 5,934 last year. 

Among the biggest investments were Apple, PayPal, Northern Trust, EA Games, Fidelity, SAP, Amgen, Mylan, Cisco, Arvato, Allergan and Eli Lilly. A notable feature of 2012 was the wide range of green field investments coming to Ireland, including Clearstream (part of Deutsche Bourse), Hubspot, Dropbox, Nextag, Aspen and Nuance. 

Ireland attracted a number of leading investments into regional locations in 2012, including PayPal (1,000 jobs) in Dundalk, Abbott (175 jobs) in Sligo, Mylan (200 jobs) in Galway, Allergan (200 jobs) in Westport and Northern Trust (400 jobs) in Limerick. During 2012 IDA began an online marketing initiative, Connect & Invest, to showcase the unique attributes of each region to international clients. 

IDA Ireland has just completed the third year of its five year Horizon 2020 strategy and the latest results put the organisation ahead of target in meeting its goal of creating 62,000 direct jobs by 2014 from 640 new investments. Over the course of the first three years (2010-2012) IDA has secured 419 investments and has delivered gross job gains of over 36,000

Two of the key aspects of the Horizon 2020 strategy are to drive company transformation to ensure higher levels of job retention and to focus particularly on the growth in employment intensive services, which leads to the speedy creation of jobs. 

As part of an overall transformation agenda, IDA partners with companies across five key areas to transform their businesses: training support, technology uplift, R&D/product improvement, process development and energy efficiency. In addition to company transformation, competitiveness gains have also helped Ireland maintain and win FDI and these gains must be defended and built on. 

Addressing the outlook for 2013, IDA Ireland Chief Executive Officer Barry O’Leary said: ``Key global markets are slowing down, particularly in Europe, which is a key focus for IDA’s existing and potential clients. However there are definite opportunities for growth in the IT/technology sector, in specific areas of financial services, in life sciences, in social/digital media and in sectors where consolidation is taking place on a pan-European basis. The IDA’s global team is determined to pursue these opportunities vigorously in 2013 and to ensure we achieve the goals and targets as outlined in Horizon 2020’’. 

Source: IDA Ireland