28 January 2013

Murgitroyd Officially Opens New Office in Munich, Germany

Munich, Germany – 28 January 2013 (BUSINESS WIRE) - Global intellectual property firm Murgitroyd will officially launch new offices in Munich on 31 January. The launch of the firm's new, enlarged Munich office comes at a key moment in the establishment of the European unitary patent (or “EU patent”). 

The new EU-wide patent will make it cheaper and faster to apply for and enforce a patent within the EU. The new system will reduce translation and maintenance costs and provides for a new Unitary Patent Court with divisions in Munich, London and Paris. The Court will have the right to decide all issues with respect to EU patents and may be up and running as early as 2014. Murgitroyd's new offices are extremely well placed for access to the Court once it opens for business. 

The new offices are located in the ATMOS centre, on Munich’s Hackerbrücke (Hacker Bridge), just a stone's throw away from the European Patent Office on the other side of the bridge. The firm's new office positions Murgitroyd at the heart of the EU patent examination and patent protection process. 

In addition to its Munich office, Murgitroyd has also recently opened a London City office and plans to open in Paris in the near future, further aligning it with the future key EU patent hub locations. 

As Munich-based Director for Murgitroyd, Graham Murnane, explains, this is an exciting moment, since having been decades in preparation, and the subject of endless political wrangling, the European unitary patent is finally set to become a reality. 

Murnane points out that clients stand to gain enormously once the unitary patent becomes EU law. Most importantly, they will be able to take legal action in a local unitary patent court to stop Europe-wide infringement of their European patent. A first instance court in one country can grant an order stopping an infringing activity, and can award damages for infringement, throughout the EU. 

The unitary patent will be valid across all participating countries (currently 25 of the 27 member countries, with Spain and Italy not participating due to the focus on English, German and French as the three designated languages for unitary patent applications). 

Jamie LeLiever, Head of Global Sales and Marketing at Murgitroyd commented: “We are excited to be expanding further in this key European market at such an important moment in the establishment of the EU Patent - as well as placing us at the heart of the new EU patent process, our expanded German location will allow us to better serve our current clients and to offer our services to key new clients in Germany, in particular our award-winning IP Portal service which has seen great success in the US market”. 

Source: Murgitroyd