16 January 2013

New Zealand-based Quantitative Industries Opens Regional HQ in Hong Kong

- To extend tourism marketing services throughout Asia & Mainland China

16 January 2013 - New Zealand-based Quantitative Industries Ltd opened its regional headquarters in Hong Kong today to extend its tourism marketing services throughout Asia and Mainland China.

Part of Quantitative Industries Ltd's business is to link outbound tourism operators in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Mainland China with tourism providers in New Zealand. This helps all parties fully tap the region's robust tourism market. To start with, Quantitative Industries Ltd will focus on tourism research and marketing related to the Alpine Resort Wanaka and Lake Wanaka Holiday in New Zealand. The intention is to offer a strategic platform for clients to discover the latest tourism market information related to New Zealand's central South Island and some of its attractions. 

The Managing Director of Quantitative Industries Ltd, Ms Simone Hildebrand, said, "At the moment, there's little direct contact between operators in the region with their counterparts in New Zealand. This offers a niche for us to play a key role between them."

She added, "Hong Kong's location is also unique because it is strategically located at the heart of Asia and also proximate to China. Moreover, the pool of multilingual talent in the market was a big factor for us when deciding to set up our regional headquarters in the city."

The Associate Director-General of Investment Promotion, Mr Andrew Davis, welcomed Quantitative Industries Ltd's decision to set up its regional headquarters in Hong Kong, and said, "Hong Kong's tourism industry development is diverse and we have seen many visitors from Mainland China and the rest of the world visiting on a stopover. Through a foothold in Hong Kong, tourism operators like Quantitative Industries Ltd can easily access these splendid business opportunities and enjoy the diverse client base our city offers." 

Based in New Zealand, Quantitative Industries Ltd is engaged in tourism research and marketing services, initially related to the Alpine Resort Wanaka and Lake Wanaka Holiday in New Zealand. 

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Source: InvestHK