02 January 2013

Nigeria’s Dangote to Launch Cement Plant in Pout, Senegal

- Plant will have a production capacity of 1.5 million tones 
- Plant will directly employ 900 people and create 3000 indirect jobs

31 December 2012 - The Nigerian billionaire Dangote wants to launch a cement plant in Pout, Senegal next year. When the cement plant starts operations, it will double the national cement production. This goes in line with what the entrepreneur is doing in other countries, beginning with his country, Nigeria.

The plant in Pout, Senegal will be identical to Ibese Cement Plant, Nigeria as Chinese company Sinoma, is the main contractor in charge of building the two cement plants.

Built on a surface of 2000 ha, including the stock of limestone, the Ibese cement plant is located some 125 km in the west of Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital, near the border with Benin Republic. Its production capacity is 6 million mtpa. But already, extension works to bring the production to 12 million by mid-2014 have started. 

This will bring the production capacity of the current three Dangote plants, while waiting for two additional to begin operations soon, according to his collaborators, to 25 million mtpa. The ambition, as openly acknowledged by all here being to become the first cement producer on the continent, thereby allowing Africans to reach self-sufficiency in that area. 

Dangote Cement Plant Pout has numerous economic opportunities for the region, as well as the numerous jobs and economic fallouts for the locality and for the country. Meanwhile, the Pout plant, built on 700 hectares, will have a production capacity of 1.5 million tones, which will later be brought to 5 million tones like in Ibese. 

Consequently, this will double the overall national production of cement. And more, according to Aramine Mbacké, the plant will directly employ 900 people and create 3000 indirect jobs. Not to mention other economic fallouts. 

The Dangote Group is one of the most diversified business conglomerates in Africa. It is headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria in West Africa.

Source: Dangote