26 February 2013

French company ALTEN Group to create 200 jobs in Greater Montréal, Canada

26 February 2013 - The ALTEN Group has established its Canadian head office in Greater Montréal and is planning to create 200 specialized jobs in the region within the next three years. Montréal International, which has a mandate to attract foreign direct investment to Greater Montréal, worked with the French company as it established itself in the region.

Founded in 1988 and with a presence in 16 countries, the ALTEN Group posted sales of €1.2 billion in 2012 and has a workforce of 16,000. The new subsidiary is planning mainly to offer its services to companies in Québec, the rest of Canada and in North America that are active in the aerospace and information and communication technologies (ICT) sectors. 

“We find all the know-how of the ALTEN Group in Montréal. This city has a pool of talent for our industry with top-notch universities and engineering schools. This is key to developing and strengthening our Canadian presence,” said Maxime Leca, the Director of ALTEN Canada. “In addition, the region excels in several cutting-edge technological fields and provides a very competitive business environment.” 

“The arrival of a European giant such as the ALTEN Group, which specializes in a field that holds great promise in the knowledge-based economy, underscores just how dynamic the region is as a centre of innovation, R&D and high technology,” said Jacques St-Laurent, President and CEO of Montréal International. “Subsidiaries of foreign companies give a huge boost to the region’s economic development and profile.” 

Greater Montréal was competing against other major cities in Canada. It stood out due to its North American business environment, its Francophone and multilingual population and its proximity to major urban centres in the northeast United States, such as New York, Boston and Washington, D.C.,” added Maxime Leca. “Montréal is definitely a cosmopolitan city that is open to the world. It has all of the ingredients conducive to success and business development.” 

Furthermore, the founding of ALTEN Canada puts the ALTEN Group on more solid footing in North America, following the 2011 acquisition of Calsoft Labs in the U.S. 

Source: Montréal International