17 February 2013

PROINSO Opens New Branch in Tokyo, Japan

15 February 2013 – PROINSO has set up a new branch in Tokyo to begin operating in the Japanese solar PV market. The new branch in Japan is in line with PROINSO’s strategy to focus on new international markets, since the international business currently accounts for 88% of the company’s total sales. 

Japan’s solar PV market has a huge growth potential, because the country is turning to renewable energy. In the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, Japan implemented feed-in tariffs to promote renewable energy, expecting resulting drops in demand for nuclear power. 

Besides, Japan is in the top-five ranking for countries with the largest PV solar capacity – 7,000MW installed as of late 2012. The market is expected to grow considerably over the next years, in a country where 800,000 new homes are built on an annual basis and where solar PV installations are 80% residential and 20% non-residential. In the 2013-2016 period, Japan is expected to install about 13,000MW, thus reaching a total 20,000MW in 2016, while China, the uncontested leader in Asia-Pacific, is estimated to reach 21,100MW of installed capacity by the same year. 

PROINSO’s new branch in Japan adds to the network the company has in Greece, Italy, US, UK, Spain, Canada, China, Australia, India and Thailand. Having delivered over 1,100MW in PV solar products, PROINSO has an International Network of Qualified Installers comprising 2,295 members around the world. 

An OPDE Group subsidiary, PROINSO specialises in the supply of PV modules, solar kits, inverters, fixed structures and solar trackers, batteries and battery chargers, solar solutions for urban applications in public areas, vehicle recharging stations, self consumption installations, stand-alone PV power systems and monitoring systems.