26 March 2013

A*STAR and Fujitsu set up CoE for Computational Social Science and Engineering in Singapore

Singapore and Tokyo - 26 March 2013 – Singapore’s Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), and Fujitsu Limited (Fujitsu) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to explore the creation of the first Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Computational Social Science and Engineering in Singapore, to identify technological solutions and opportunities for sustainable urban development in key areas such as transportation management and energy efficiency with HPC-enabled technologies based on real-world data. 

Facing similar challenges and demands on infrastructure and energy usage, both Japan and Singapore need to develop long-term urban sustainability solutions to ensure high standards of living, ample work opportunities for the populace as well as quality economic growth. 

The CoE will utilise data from various agencies in Singapore to derive an understanding of complex dynamics within the city and exploit the power of modelling and simulation to guide both critical decisions and implementation of solutions. This, in turn, will create greater efficiencies in resource usage and allocation as well as generate vital growth opportunities in new areas. 

The Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC) will lead the collaborative effort within A*STAR by drawing upon its capabilities in HPC-enabled analytics of real-world data provided by various sources, as well as its knowledge of complex systems and social behaviour. Fujitsu will leverage on its broad field knowledge on big–data and supercomputing-enabled simulation to pursue their joint research work within the CoE. 

Both parties envisage that the collaboration will effectively address issues faced by modern cities in planning and implementing urban sustainability initiatives. The partnership will also unlock further economic opportunities through engendering key innovations for industry development and creating local employment opportunities. 

“This collaboration marks another milestone in our long-term partnership with Fujitsu and we are excited that they have taken this opportunity to expand their activities in Singapore. The joint investment in resources and sharing of know-how will focus on tackling deep and complex problems facing metropolitan areas and facilitate the development of new approaches in big data. It is highly anticipated that insights and outcomes derived from the research will drive further innovations and create prospects that may be applied to other big cities,” said Professor Alfred Huan, Executive Director, IHPC. 

“By participating in building a smart city through the use of high-performance computing and big data, Fujitsu’s goal is to develop new skills and practical experience, create the next generation of solutions, and establish new business models for global or ASEAN companies moving into Singapore,” said Mr Masahiko Yamada, President, Technical Computing Solutions Unit, Fujitsu Limited. 

The CoE is expected to undertake projects by the end of this year through a team of engineers and researchers from Singapore and Japan. 

Source: The Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR)