01 March 2013

Fronius Opens Solar Electronics Subsidiary in Brazil

28 February 2013 - Fronius International GmbH has opened a Solar Electronics subsidiary in Brazil. Fronius Brazil offices are located in Diadema, in the heart of Sao Paulo. The main thrust of the Solar Electronics Division will initially be on sales and technical support.

The Welding Technology Division has now been operating there for ten years and was joined in 2010 by the Fronius Battery Charging Systems division. A total of more than 50 people are involved in bringing Fronius innovations to the market. 

Fronius has been receiving more and more enquiries from the "sunbelt" in recent years, and as a result of its many years of monitoring the Brazilian market recognises the enormous potential it offers. “In many locations, the political foundations are only now being laid, i.e. preparations for the PV connection to the public grid are in progress. High energy costs in conjunction with strong insolation provide the perfect conditions for the development of a number of extremely interesting PV markets over the coming years. This encouraged Fronius to establish a subsidiary in Brazil so that it could position itself as a quality leader in the country and implement photovoltaics as standard”, explains Roman Huemer, General Manager Fronius Brazil. 

The focus in Brazil is on small systems for households, in other words systems up to 5 kW, and medium-sized systems up to 1 MW, as might be used by research institutes, for example. This is partly due to the fact that the feed-in point in Brazil is currently limited to 1 MW, which makes smaller systems less costly and hence more attractive. 

The first projects are already connected to the grid. Fronius is supplying the string inverter for the largest photovoltaics project in Brazil. Fifty Fronius IG Plus 120 inverters support the 1 MW system in Tanquinho. Fronius has set itself ambitious targets and predicts a sharp increase in business from 2015 onwards.

Source: Fronius International