28 March 2013

Mérieux NutriSciences Opens Sensory Center in Milan, Italy

Milan – 27 March 2013 - Biofortis, a Mérieux NutriSciences company, announced the opening of a Sensory Center in Milan, its second research center in Italy, the first lab being located in Prato. The new 250 m² center has facilities that include a tasting room, panel room, sensory tasting cabins, a fully equipped kitchen and all necessary supporting facilities. The center will help clients develop and test products with innovative applied research techniques and the highest level of sensory expertise. 

After investing in Sensory Centers in Nantes (France) and Madrid (Spain), Mérieux NutriSciences is investing in this third Sensory Center in just two years to accompany a strongly growing market. In a constantly changing environment, where the success of a product or service is closely related to better understanding consumer’s demands, it is essential to research all factors influencing the consumers purchasing decision,” said Philippe Sans, President and CEO of Mérieux NutriSciences. 

Biofortis has 30 years of experience in Sensory Research and Panel management for food, beverages, cosmetics, home care, personal care, fine fragrances and soundscapes. Wherever there is a need for sensory insight, Biofortis combines market research and sensory analysis, transforming them into innovative tools. The company accompanies clients to the deeper understanding of their products via the 5 senses,” said Dr. Michel du Peloux, Senior Vice President of Mérieux NutriSciences. 

Mérieux NutriSciences has 13 sensory laboratories on 4 continents around the world, with fully equipped labs, on site supervisors, dedicated call centers and multi-channel recruitment. The labs are certified ISO 9001 with AFNOR and ISO standards and global quality programs. 

Source: Mérieux NutriSciences